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French Maid, Kiwi Style, and In House Systems are three brands that Groenz has created to meet the food service industry's ever-growing needs. Each brand has a product portfolio designed to cater to the current New Zealand, Australian, and Pacific Asian markets, and truly support you to grow your business.


To help you answer your customers' questions about allergens Please find enclosed our Allergens List  by product. 

If you want to receive a sample to test one of our product, don't hesitate to contact us.


–  True to taste  –


French Maid offers a large choice of Sauces, Dressings and Condiments with authentic and unique tastes.


French Maid is the solution for all busy chefs who are looking for great taste and expertise, and who want to add a unique touch to their menu.


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–  Making every day tastier   –


The Kiwi Style range is all about sauces and condiments that make every day tastier.


A trustful choice for easy going and cheerful eateries who want to offer good taste in an affordable menu.


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–  For your food industry  –


In House Systems, as its name suggests, is our bulk-buy brand.  Targeted at food manufacturers, In House Systems offers a range of authentic Groenz recipes for the food industry.


It provides our customer with great tasting, cost-conscious sauce solutions to complement and complete their own food products.


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