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"Easy to make homemade veggie burger pattie delicious and very tasty"

Burger Buns                               4 of your choice

Chickpea Patties                       4

Courgette                                    2 medium sized

Red Onion                                   1 large peeled

Tomatoes                                    2 large

Rocket                                         1 cup


  Smokey Barbecue Sauce        4 tablespoons

  European Style Mayonnaise

or Vegan Mayonnaise                4 tablespoons

Veggie Burger Recipe

Canned Chickpeas                     1 can 400g

Grated Fresh Beetroot               1 small

Egg                                               1

Chickpea Flour                            50g

(or as needed to make a fritter consistency)

Onion                                             1/2 finely diced

Garlic                                             1 glove crushed

Chilli Flakes                                  To taste

Cumin                                            2 pinches

Salt & Black Pepper                    To taste

Prep: 20 Min | Cook: 10 Min | Serves 4


Place the chickpea, onion and egg into a food processor. Pulse until it crumbles, add cumin and chilli flakes and crushed garlic.  Tip into a bowl and mix in the flour to achieve a fritter consistency. Add grated beetroot and parsley. Season.


Heat a pan and add a splash of oil, divide mixture into four patties, fry until lightly brown on both sides.

Burger Construction

Remove the ends of the courgettes and slice lengthwise into four.  Slice the red onion into half centimeter rings, then lightly oil and grill the courgette and onion until tender. Warm the burger bun, slice in half, then place the courgette, onion ring and tomato on the bun adding Frenchmaid Smokey Barbecue Sauce  and Frenchmaid European Style Mayonnaise or Vegan Mayonnaise as you go. Finish with veggie pattie, then a portion of rocket.  Add the bun top and serve with vegetables crisps.

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