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Everyone loves a good burger!
Whether it is burgers for comfort, or to try a new, exciting flavour, Frenchmaid offers a range of sauces to suit your taste. Find all the inspiration you need for unique burger recipes here.


Whether it's burgers for comfort or to try a new flavour, download our recipe booklet to find recipe inspirations. 

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Burger Booklet

Who doesn’t love a good burger? The meal offers a wide range of versatility, from familiar, comfort food to rich gourmet meals. Burgers have found a commonplace in our homes and our hearts. Statistically, over half of us make burgers at home or purchase them from a restaurant at least once a week.

While the classic beef burger has been a long-time family favourite and key comfort food, these days even vegetarians are steadily consuming burgers frequently thanks to the explosive growth of plant-based patties.

Premium ingredients are one of the most important aspects to build a point of differentiation in restaurants, with unique burger buns such as charcoal buns or a brioche being as important as the exclusivity and creativity of the meat or ingredients.

Burgers or sandwiches are the most popular chicken dish, with 46% of chicken-based orders at restaurants being a burger meal. Consumers are flocking to chicken burgers as an alternative to beef because of the difference in health benefits and environmental impact.

Whether it is burgers for comfort, or you want to try a new, exciting flavour, Frenchmaid offers a range of sauces to suit your taste.

To help you with cooking inspiration we have created this booklet with burger recipes to delight your customers. For more great recipe ideas and cooking inspirations visit: |

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