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Our skilled culinary team collaborates with unique insights to deliver custom food solutions to meet your needs

Delivering Food Solutions

We have the capability to deliver innovative food solutions, including but not limited to: matching, re-creating your recipe, providing analyses, identifying improvements, developing a new menu or creating product concepts.

Our qualified culinary team of researchers, chefs, and sales and marketing professionals can help you translate trend into reality by developing limited time offers (LTOs) or finding a match to your dish; everything to meet your needs.

Lab Worker

Unique Insights

Exposure to global trend information through the Golden State Foods network

Exploration of dozens of restaurants, cafés, gastropubs, bistros, food trucks, farmers markets, and specialty grocers

Business partnership experience across all foodservice sectors and QSR

Partnership with dedicated Chefs Council to ensure products meet taste expectations

It’s all about creating products to drive MENU DIFFERENTIATION.


Let us help solve your challenges and deliver a customised food solution!


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