Creating and offering condiments since 1991

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are cornerstones of Groenz’s Creed and Values. As stewards of our natural resources and embracing the responsibility to future generations, Groenz ensures that sustainable practices are at the core of its business.


Groenz is committed to an ongoing program of continuous improvement, integrating sustainability of the environment and best practices into our corporate culture.


The global company (enthusiastically embraced by the local Groenz organization) has selected five overarching strategic goals based upon our commitment to the triple bottom line.


GSF’s 2020 Sustainability Goals include:

  • Reducing the company’s carbon footprint by 20%

  • Achieving zero waste to landfill at 100% of its facilities

  • Achieving Energy Star, LEED, or equivalent green building certifications at 75% of its locations

  • Incorporating renewable energy/alternative fuel in 100% of GSF’s fleet

  • Active engagement of at least 75% of its associates.

Achieving these strategic goals will improve the overall efficiency of GSF’s operations, reduce the company’s impact to the environment and its economic spend, by reducing costs associated with waste disposal, fuel and utility expenses, and engage its associates in corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices


Locally Groenz makes major savings in areas such as energy, water, and waste.



  • LED lighting installed in the facility

  • Strong discipline around powering down machinery when not in use


  • Constant monitoring of leaks from pipework and hoses

  • Structuring the work day to minimize the number of changeovers of products and thus the wash downs required between runs


  • Plastic is recycled including films and drums

  • Cartons that are used to deliver the empty bottles are re-used for finish goods

  • Cardboard and paper is recycled

  • From the office areas, co-mingled waste is recycled

  • Metal recycling from the workshop


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