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We recognise sustainability as a key component of sound business performance

Social Responsibility

Groenz embraces a positive workplace environment that respects the dignity of our associates and values our customers, suppliers and communities in which we operate. We believe that each associate’s knowledge, skills and contributions are integral to our organizational capability, company practices and competitive advantage.​

For that reason, we recognise sustainability as a key component of sound business performance and encourage all of our associates, business partners, stakeholders, and the public to join us in this effort.

We strive to encourage a productive culture of balance and well-being for all associates, providing programs and practices that encourage health and safety. In the same way, Groenz positively impacts the community through its leadership in sustainable environmental practices and our involvement in charities.  


GSF’s 2020 Sustainability Goal embraced by the local Groenz organization has selected five overarching strategic goals based upon our commitment to the triple bottom line.

Our Goals

Reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 20%

Achieve zero waste to landfill at 100% of its facilities

Achieve Energy Star, LEED, or equivalent green building certifications at 75% of its locations

Incorporate renewable energy/alternative fuel in 100% of GSF’s fleet

Active engagement of at least 80% of its associates

Achieving these strategic goals will improve the overall efficiency of GSF’s operations, reduce the company’s impact to the environment and its economic spend by reducing costs associated with waste disposal, fuel and utility expenses, and engage its associates in corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices.

We are proud to be a certified company by ISO 14001 and we are committed to an ongoing program of continuous improvement, integrating environmental sustainability and best practices into our corporate culture.

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