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10 ways to use Frenchmaid Maple Flavoured Syrup

The new and improved Maple Flavoured Syrup recipe is absolutely delicious! Maple Syrup is perfect from the start to the end of the day, from breakfast and side plates, mains and desserts! Pour over pancakes, waffles, french toast, ice cream is just the beginning.

Check out some ideas to bring amber and sweetness to your dishes.

1. Frosting

Mix with buttercream, cream cheese, or whipped cream to make a delicious frosting for cakes.

2. Glaze over meats

It not only flavours the meat but helps the skin caramelize. Drizzle Maple Flavoured Syrup over ham, turkey or chicken before roasting.

3. Add sweet notes in a sauce

Use to add sweet notes on a sauce especially to balance the acidity like in an orange and Maple Syrup sauce, for example.

4. Roast vegetables

Toss over vegetables especially brussel sprouts, beetroot, squash, tomatoes, to bring out the natural sweetness and extra caramelization.

5. Mix through a salad dressing

Add a little touch of sweetness and balance in your vinaigrette and to keeps greens from tasting too bitter.

6. Put it on bacon

Brush the bacon with maple syrup while it cooks.

7. Shake it into cocktails

Swap it in for sugar in cocktails or heat it with spices and water to create a unique syrup.

8. Stir with tea, coffee, hot cereal… everything!

The best and easy way to make something delicious! Try in a cup of coffee or tea, into oatmeal or porridge

9. Maple Mustard Sauce

Mix Maple Flavoured Syrup with Frenchmaid Dijon Mustard. Try with fried chicken.

10. Make ice cream

Use Maple Syrup instead of sugar when making a custard for ice creams. It will add much more flavour and the sweetness that you need!

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