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Dip into Nostalgia trends

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Vintage dining influences are prevalent both at and away from home.

It has become increasingly important that menus resonate with customers on a personal and emotional level.

One of the ways to achieve this is by triggering memories or experiences we had as children through revisiting and reinventing those foods we enjoyed in the past.

Your customers will appreciate flavours that connect them to their childhood.

Check out these classic trends that are gaining in popularity in the restaurant space : Buttermilk Dressing at +78%, Salted Caramel at +225%, Honey vinaigrette at +63%.

Consider trying the following to incorporate these trends:

- Who doesn’t cherish fond childhood memories of a favorite home-made food made with labor and love? Using nostalgic terms that encourage customers to remember those types of feelings can be particularly effective in your menu description. Ubiquitous “artisan”, “hand-crafted” and “home-cooked” comfort foods, or more descriptive “Grandma’s recipe.”

- Customers are not necessarily looking for a specific food, but rather something that recreates a familiar feeling. Use old fashioned and true ingredients that will honor the consumer experience of nostalgic foods. "Buttermilk", "maple syrup", "cookie dough", or "salted caramel".

- Breath new life into old classics. Add your unique touch to classic recipe like "apple pie", "meat balls", or "waffles".

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